UPDATED Public Domain Hero-A-Day: The STEEL FIST!

Jan. 4th’s hero is THE STEEL FIST! Look him up here- http://pdsh.wikia.com/wiki/Steel_Fist and here: http://www.internationalhero.co.uk/s/stelfist.htm Now I have to run and make pizza for 20- Wish me luck!

UPDATE! A quick note about this sketch. if you check out the links above you will see that Steel Fist had 2 costumes What I did was combine the various elements, redesigned the helmet and added detailing that I thought would he in line with previous versions- the boot and belt and collar- which match the existing left bracelet. I thought if he’s “the Steel Fist”, the costume needed more iron work motifs.

You can read a few Steel Fist stories at BCHAT’s  My Opinion Doesn’t Matter Golden Age comics blog. GO GO GO!

Public Domain Hero-A-Day: ATOMAN!

Back again for the new year- hope you all didn’t miss me too much! I decided that since I was back to blogging regularly that I’d return to my “sketches every day” routine- with a new angle of course. I decided to take on the discipline of sketching a public domain superhero every day. I really love these golden and silver age heroes; too some they are more than a bit dated but I think they’re real gems. My first – ATOMAN!


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God it’s been a while to be sure. Short story is- I’ve been sick with flare-up of a chronic illness, then serious fatigue and follow-up of a virus that has taken over the Gal-friend/and one of the kids! AAAAGHHHH! But its not H1N1, so can’t be all that bad. Back to working on webcomics and developing new characters as usual. I was in need of a new direction and so I decided to start coming up with SUPERVILLAINS! Love em or hate em or love to hate em, ya gotta have them. Here is TAURON the LASHER!

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From SKETCHES 10-09

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Javier Hernandez is a class act and a creative guy. Everyone in indy comics knows that- but I’ve had the pleasure recently to get to know him better as a result of being accepted into his circle of DIY comickers. You would most likely know Jav from his EL MUERTO character; which was made into a film in 2007 and is now on DVD. I really like the character and the comic and I recommend that you buy that book and his other comic book ventures. Here it is- El Muerto fan art for you JAVIER! Hope you like.

From SKETCHES 9-09

EDIT: I am going to color it- I’ll post it in here when it’s finished, my amigos muertos!

SKETCHBLOG: SCORTCHER & Minutemen panel layouts.

Ethan Slayton and I are hard at work getting MINUTEMEN of ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. ready to go live, hopefully by end of September. This WWII super-hero romp is a fun action-packed love-letter to Golden age comics. Made up of 1/2 and half story by us and art by Ethan, it’s a webcomic that Golden-age fans and fun lovin’ superhero freaks like us will hopefully dig the most! These are some preview panel layouts by me, Page 1 by Ethan and a costume re-design of Ethan’s golden-age character, SCORTCHER! WWII superheroics will never be the same!

Here’s the hottest red-head there is! SCORTCHER is ©,TM Ethan Slayton.


Howabout  a big helping of PAGE LAYOUTS?

Plus a side-order of PULSE-POUNDING PROSE! Here’s a preview of a few pages.