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UPDATED Public Domain Hero-A-Day: The STEEL FIST!

Jan. 4th’s hero is THE STEEL FIST! Look him up here- http://pdsh.wikia.com/wiki/Steel_Fist and here: http://www.internationalhero.co.uk/s/stelfist.htm Now I have to run and make pizza for 20- Wish me luck! UPDATE! A quick note about this sketch. if you check out the links above you will see that Steel Fist had 2 costumes What I did was…


Public Domain Hero-A-Day: ATOMAN!

Back again for the new year- hope you all didn’t miss me too much! I decided that since I was back to blogging regularly that I’d return to my “sketches every day” routine- with a new angle of course. I decided to take on the discipline of sketching a public domain superhero every day. I…