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MARVEL Founder’s Grandson Revives 70’s ATLAS COMICS – More info here and here. Atlas Comics Archives is a great site too.

Premake Trailer For The Avengers Is Retro Goodness ( What if an Avengers movie had been made in 1952? IT’S RETRO-LICIOUS!

Vintage Printable – Sci Fi – Print quality, Public domain scans.

Martin Klasch – fine purveyor of atompunk, retro, ephemera and illustration imagery of eras hence.

Twit TVMy new addiction; Leo LaPorte and company‘s shows about tech, net culture, law and google-ness feed your tech-nerd hunger for the latest info and opinion.

Point User “Google’s World” Painter Alejo Malia incorporates the ubiquitous Pointer User in his surreal landscapes.

Stephanie Blanquet – Dark Macabre art.

How to use Corel Draw POWER TRACE

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Retro Futuristic Illustrations by Kilian Eng

Kilian Eng is an illustrator from Stockholm, Sweden. Check out his retro-futuristic illustrations here and here.

Look at this one! So awesome. It’s like a  cover of an issue of Omni Magazine that never was. Love this stuff! Single Lament? Knowing I am old since I remember something now onsidered “Retro”. Before I forget, I found this artist on – a terrific site that serves as a sort of BOING BOING for current art, design , fashion, etc. Thanks, Vectorave.

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