Famous Artists Drawing Superheroes

Drawing Superheroes – Famous comic book artists drawing superheroes- technique, technique, TECHNIQUE! including;  John Romita, Joe Kubert, John Buscema, Bill Sienkiewicz, Dave Gibbons & Travis Charest.

Public Domain Hero Day: 13 & JINX! UPDATED-He’s a VERMONTER!

UPDATE: I’m so glad to have found out that 13 is a Vermont Superhero! Interested? Then read on true believer!

13 & Jinx, Kirby Style!Click Here For a HERO-SIZED VERSION!

Truly one of the least popular, most obscure and oddly named Public Domain Superhero is 13. Created by writer Dick Wood(!), co-creator of Airboy, and artist Bernard Klein(Dr. Fate, Green Arrow).I couldn’t find any anecdotes to explain why this numerical nonpareil of nomism and his nitid nupsom, Jinx , were created, other than to be another half-baked Batman and Robin crime-fighting duo that Lev Gleason hoped to cash in on(and likely fill pages in the latest issue of Daredevil Comics). Continue reading “Public Domain Hero Day: 13 & JINX! UPDATED-He’s a VERMONTER!”

Finished panel art for HOLLIDAY Webcomic.

Holliday panel 1

Click here or above for a full sized, 1600×800 image!

This is the actual first finished panel for a webcomic called HOLLIDAY. Bill Woodcock, Jr. and I have been devising, designing and writing this project off and on for almost 5 years now. We’ll be going live with the site in a few weeks so I hope you’ll be there for the grand opening. Stay tuned here or on my Facebook or Twitter page for the big unveiling. Until then I leave you with this fine crusty, creepy panel.

Hawkquill pen w/Higgin’s Black Magic Ink on Bristol and drafting vellum, photo-collage and digital painting.