Unfinished: World traveler, or, NYAAAAAGH!

Started this thing a few years ago. It’s STILL unfinished!! By that I mean colored lettered and thrown up somewhere for all to see. Why don’t I get things lkike this done? I have to be honest, it shouldn’t but unfinished old art projects like these drive me insane- AND I DON’T EVEN CARE ABOUT THEM ANYMORE! Huff-wheeze!  What’s my fucking deal, man? Why can’t I just let them go? But I don’t they always kind of linger- “you didn’t finish me…if you don’t go back and fix me up- you CAN’T MOVE ON IN YOUR LIFE…”

From world traveler
From world traveler

This is just not true- it is in fact a distorted viewpoint. But here I am wasting blog-time on this thing that represents the abyss of “NYAGGGHH that all artists fall into from time to time. ARG. Okay, I’m going upstairs to love my girlfriend and will allow this to be the time it’s “up there” and call this one finished.

For now. ;P