New Sketches

Random newness- feeling the winter seasonal farklempt. Not much to say except gotta keep at the drawing.


The House Of Laughing Dragons by Weremole

It’s great to find other artists on my web-travels through DeviantArt; today I found Weremoles art. I usually just pass on by anything in a Manga style just because of my lack of overload tolerance, tbh. But this piece caught me and I really dug it the most!

The House Of Laughing Dragons by *weremole on deviantART

Awesome Kung-Fu-Xplotationism! This stuff really inspires me to remodel some Public Domain Heroes and some of my own in this way.

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The Men Without Fear: Creating DareDevil Documentary

The Men Without Fear: Creating DareDevil documentary: Interviews with DareDevil writers and artists- Brian Bendis,Gene Colan,Stan Lee,David Mack,Frank Miller,Joe Quesada,Johnny Romita,John Romita Jr. and Kevin Smith.


Famous Artists Drawing Superheroes

Drawing Superheroes – Famous comic book artists drawing superheroes- technique, technique, TECHNIQUE! including;  John Romita, Joe Kubert, John Buscema, Bill Sienkiewicz, Dave Gibbons & Travis Charest.


Retro Futuristic Illustrations by Kilian Eng

Kilian Eng is an illustrator from Stockholm, Sweden. Check out his retro-futuristic illustrations here and here.

Look at this one! So awesome. It’s like a  cover of an issue of Omni Magazine that never was. Love this stuff! Single Lament? Knowing I am old since I remember something now onsidered “Retro”. Before I forget, I found this artist on – a terrific site that serves as a sort of BOING BOING for current art, design , fashion, etc. Thanks, Vectorave.

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