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MARVEL Founder’s Grandson Revives 70’s ATLAS COMICS – More info here and here. Atlas Comics Archives is a great site too.

Premake Trailer For The Avengers Is Retro Goodness ( What if an Avengers movie had been made in 1952? IT’S RETRO-LICIOUS!

Vintage Printable – Sci Fi – Print quality, Public domain scans.

Martin Klasch – fine purveyor of atompunk, retro, ephemera and illustration imagery of eras hence.

Twit TVMy new addiction; Leo LaPorte and company‘s shows about tech, net culture, law and google-ness feed your tech-nerd hunger for the latest info and opinion.

Point User “Google’s World” Painter Alejo Malia incorporates the ubiquitous Pointer User in his surreal landscapes.

Stephanie Blanquet – Dark Macabre art.

How to use Corel Draw POWER TRACE

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Brian Ralph covers Thor 137Covered

Ludovic Debeurme covers Schtroumpf Vert Et Vert SchtroupmfCovered

Joy Kolitsky covers What If? 16Covered

ARCHIE by Mr. HawthorneComic Twart

Nib Lit 01.05 Preview!filler

Steve Oliff rerunComics Comics
Comics lettering giant Steve Oliff  interviewed by Frank Santoro about his career lettering Chaykin, Moebius, Kaluta and more.

For my graphic design and typophile friendsUndead Molly
Molly shares graphic design driftwood washed up on her internet obsessed shores.

Machiavelli Webcomic Chapter 1 Page 11 Don MacDonald
Comic creator Don MacDonald has been releasing his excellent life of Machiavelli Graphic novel as a webcomic. GO READ NOW.

Original Art Stories: Trevor Von Eeden and Black Lightning 20th Century Danny Boy
Trevor Von Eeden tells the tale of his first gig in comics- Teenage designer and artist of Black Lightning! Original article here.