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Random newness- feeling the winter seasonal farklempt. Not much to say except gotta keep at the drawing.

JAVILAND: Ep. 35 with Tyler James

JAVILAND EPISODE 35- “Sacrifice-What it takes to do it DIY”

Time: 03/14/2010 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: As any artist knows, sacrifices often have to be made to create your work, and get it out there. Join our discussion as we share what those sacrifices are, and how we strike a balance between our work and our daily lives.

The last episode of Javier Hernandez’s podcast JAVILAND was awesome. Featuring webcomicker, sketchcard enthusiast and prolific comics blogger, Tyler James! Tyler and guests tell it like it is and give inspiration to all of us sticking our toes in the waters of DIY comics. This isn’t a request- it’s an order; listen and learn, true believers.

Public Domain Hero Day: 13 & JINX! UPDATED-He’s a VERMONTER!

UPDATE: I’m so glad to have found out that 13 is a Vermont Superhero! Interested? Then read on true believer!

13 & Jinx, Kirby Style!Click Here For a HERO-SIZED VERSION!

Truly one of the least popular, most obscure and oddly named Public Domain Superhero is 13. Created by writer Dick Wood(!), co-creator of Airboy, and artist Bernard Klein(Dr. Fate, Green Arrow).I couldn’t find any anecdotes to explain why this numerical nonpareil of nomism and his nitid nupsom, Jinx , were created, other than to be another half-baked Batman and Robin crime-fighting duo that Lev Gleason hoped to cash in on(and likely fill pages in the latest issue of Daredevil Comics). Continue reading “Public Domain Hero Day: 13 & JINX! UPDATED-He’s a VERMONTER!”