Public Domain Hero Day: KID TYRANT!

Here is today’s public domain superhero KID TYRANT!

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Kid Tyrant appeared only once, in a Chameleon story in the back of  Target Comics Vol. 3 No. 1.  He was “Ragsy”, the sidekick of The Chameleon- a rough-n-tumble, Bowery Boys type. Ragsy decides to take on the persona of his favorite kid superhero to solve a case and then shelves his costume – all under the nose of his crimefighting pal. Click here to read the whole story on the Pure Exitement Comics website!

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Public Domain Hero-A-Day: BLACK SATAN

I’m still off by a day finishing off these characters- ah well, that’s the way it goes. I’m catching up though! By tomorrow I’ll have Jan. 6th’s KID TYRANT and  Jan. 7th’s done. I’m thinking of going with either PHANTASMO, MAGNO or BLUE TRACER, not sure yet. Let me introduce you to BLACK SATAN!

Created by Charles Sultan for YANKEE COMICS #1 (published by the Harry Chesler company)- Black Satan only appeared one time. Too bad.

Quoting his entry on the Pdsh Wikia:

“Black Satan was a district attorney [named Howard Flynn ] during the day, but at night, he became the Black Satan to fight against crime. He had no powers, but he did carry a special gun that could blind his foes temporarily.”

So Howard goes out at night slappin’ those criminals silly in a costume eerily similar to that of AMERICOMANDO or MR. AMERICA.  The gun-device that blinds his foes comes up again in the silver age of Charlton comics with their 2nd revival of BLUE BEETLE. Many interesting bits and details considering Black Satan was abandoned by its readers and publisher after only one appearance! He wasn’t a prolific character, but he had a kind of swagger and panache that resonates with me. Plus, seriously, any superhero with Satan in his name is definitely cool.

Now on to my drawings. On the left is old Howard- pretty much as he comes(click the image for full size). There are a few minor changes- I gave him a Zoot Suit gold chain and watch, no clue why. also some inverted pentagrams and, finally, a complete redesign of his pistol. i made it bigger- deco-styled and gave the projector lens an inverted pentagram, too. My thinking is the weird ray that blinded enemies might bedazzle them with a vision of a pentagram! Cool right? On the right, you can see more additions. I thought he needs horns and facial hair. Gives him a bit more “Satan-y” appearance.

Now for my last variation. I decided to take some liberties with his colors- Now Black Satan is actually BLACK, or at least allot more-so. this is the version I like best color-wise- although I think I like version 2 as well.

FYI-you can download a .cbr format scan of Yankee Comics #1 and the sole appearance of Black Satan here.

UPDATED Public Domain Hero-A-Day: The STEEL FIST!

Jan. 4th’s hero is THE STEEL FIST! Look him up here- and here: Now I have to run and make pizza for 20- Wish me luck!

UPDATE! A quick note about this sketch. if you check out the links above you will see that Steel Fist had 2 costumes What I did was combine the various elements, redesigned the helmet and added detailing that I thought would he in line with previous versions- the boot and belt and collar- which match the existing left bracelet. I thought if he’s “the Steel Fist”, the costume needed more iron work motifs.

You can read a few Steel Fist stories at BCHAT’s  My Opinion Doesn’t Matter Golden Age comics blog. GO GO GO!

Public Domain Hero-A-Day: ATOMAN!

Back again for the new year- hope you all didn’t miss me too much! I decided that since I was back to blogging regularly that I’d return to my “sketches every day” routine- with a new angle of course. I decided to take on the discipline of sketching a public domain superhero every day. I really love these golden and silver age heroes; too some they are more than a bit dated but I think they’re real gems. My first – ATOMAN!


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