Author: Flameape

Holliday Mountain Madness Issue 1

Holliday Mountain Madness Issue 1– new freshly printed copies! Yes, it’s in print- crisp PAPER PAGES, with INK. “Do they even MAKE print comics anymore?” you ask. Oh yes, some know the old ways. The secret tradition of putting images and words on paper with ink – a very old root magic; Gram and Gramps know the old ways- passed ’em down to Ra Comics Direct they did.
Take a look below or click this link. Want to BUY IT, you say? Well, friend, You’re in luck. Just contact us at and/or the Holliday Mountain Madness Facebook Page for prices and info.


Timelapse video of Comics Artists Working

” Timelapse of Comics Artists Working: ” originally posted by comicadmin on the “… a compilation video of timelapse photography of [comic book] artists working. Jill Thompson paints a page of Magic Trixie, Bill Reinhold inks a page of Batman and Doug Klauba paints a Phantom cover. …” via Spidey1955 on youtube “