12108272_10153710567849031_5903087931066837227_n I am an artist specializing in Comics, Horror, Weird, Kink, Sci-Fi and Fantasy art and storyboards. Currently the artist and co-creator, with writer Bill Woodcock, of the serialized Weird-Western graphic novel, HOLLIDAY: MOUNTAIN MADNESSYou can find me in most places by the nickname “FLAMEAPE“, my spirit animal and alter ego that came to me in a dream. We work well together- one day I’ll make a comic about him. I am one of the co-founders and admins of the Vermont Comic Creators Group – an 80+ member arts organization that serves to connect Vermont’s comic art and cartooning community.

Flameape – The Art of Gregory Giordano
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Vermont Comic Creators Group

Email: flameape at gmail dot com