New Sketches

Random newness- feeling the winter seasonal farklempt. Not much to say except gotta keep at the drawing.


2 thoughts on “New Sketches”

  1. Greg,

    love the angry Borders guy! really miss drawing with you – havent been able to find someone my own age and warped sense of humor to do the same down here in Tallahassee. Artists fall into two categories here – the bowl-of-shit fine art retiree crowd; and the in-college hipster with no experience crowd.

    Been working on two series simultaneously (acrylic), and once I finish them I *will* create a website – I promise! When I unleash my shit onto the world, I’m hoping to start a Pop Surrealist/Lowbrow scene down here and tie it into Orlando and Miami.

    Hope yer doing well – snow and all.
    Cool Machine

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