Public Domain Superhero Day: THE HOOD Sketchcard!

Here he is- everybody’s OTHER favorite curtain-masked PDSHero – THE HOOD!

Quote the PDSH Wikia:

FBI Agent Craig Williams gets frustrated at the criminals who escape the law and operate outside the FBI’s jurisdiction, so he puts on a costume and fights crime. He has no super powers.

I am proud to say that the sketch was inked entirely in brush, something I’ve finally started to teach myself.


CONTEST! The first person to name the other more popular curtain masked Public Domain Superhero in the comment section will win this sketch card! Good Luck, golden-age fanboys!

6 Replies to “Public Domain Superhero Day: THE HOOD Sketchcard!”

    1. IT IS indeed The Clock! You are a winner, Gordon(if that’s your REAL name, Gordon)! Simply email me your address and the HOOD sketchcard will be in your clutching golden-age fanboy claws. Thanks for playing our game- MUAH!

    1. Hi John-

      If I had any art that was in the public domain you would be free to do so! Currently, however, all my art is copyright © Gregory C Giordano, all rights reserved unless otherwise noted. We would have to discuss contract/terms in order for you to use my depiction of the Hood,. “The Hood” in general is public domain- my drawing of the Hood is not, got it? Cool. If you’d like to use an image of the character “The Hood” or any other public domain character that would be free to use (or as a guide for you to draw your own), you can find the characters cataloged on the PDSH WIKIA and can find free copyright-free scans of the comics to download at the DIGITAL COMICS MUSEUM and at. The comics are usually in .cbz or .cbr formats which can be made into zip or rar files by changing the file type. Then you can extract the JPG’s and use as you wish!

      If you need any help finding characters or what have you- let me know. Good luck!

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