Public Domain Superhero Day: LADY LUCK SKETCH CARD

For a Super-Sized version – CLICK HERE.

In an effort to stay on task with my PDSH-a-Day project– Here’s a LADY LUCK SKETCH CARD! I would like to return to Miss L with a full-figured(vava-voomie) drawing soon. Till then enjoy her visage, trademark hat and a bit o’ shoulder!

Lady Luck (comics) on Wikipedia

Lady Luck at Toonopedia

Lady Luck on the PDSH Wikia

Pure Excitement Comics: “Lady Luck” four-page story with Count Dichange, by Klaus Nordling

More sketch cards coming- and FYI; all the PDSH drawings will be available for sale (originals and digital color prints)asap. Interested? Comment on this post or send me an email-

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