Alan Moore by Gregory C GiordanoClick this link or image for full-sized art

I am up very late as usual. I was compelled to find Alan Moore on youtube (something I strongly suggest for the late night comicker!)and found this 1987 documentary called Monsters, Maniacs and Moore. What a treat! 1987 now seems so long ago, but the words of Northhampton’s neolithic Scriptor-Magister do not lose relevancy with age- quite the opposite, I find Moore’s musings exactly the thing I need to hear as a potential creator and a current consumer of comics, magic, radical ideas and participant in life. Thank god for the Youtubes.So in thanks to Alan for being eloquent and present with his ideas in front of cameras back then, I had to make the portrait up there. Watch, listen and learn from Uncle Alan, yes?  And do make an effort to check out Moore’s website/zine- .