Back again for the new year- hope you all didn’t miss me too much! I decided that since I was back to blogging regularly that I’d return to my “sketches every day” routine- with a new angle of course. I decided to take on the discipline of sketching a public domain superhero every day. I really love these golden and silver age heroes; too some they are more than a bit dated but I think they’re real gems. My first – ATOMAN!


Quote his entry on Public Domain Super Heroes Wikia:



While working as a nuclear scientist at the “Atomic Institute,” Barry Dale absorbs the “power of the atom” through unconscious exposure to nuclear materials and gains superpowers as a result. As described by Barry himself: “Evidently my body is so geared as a result of working on radium and uranium that it can explode atoms and give me atomic strength.” He uses his new abilities — such as super strength, flight, speed, invulnerability, “atomic vision,” and the ability to heat his body so that he can weld metal with his hands — to fight crime.

You can also find out more about Atoman here.

What a terrific character! Love the clean design and color- pure superhero! Created by Golden Age greats Jerry Robinson and Mort Meskin for Spark Publications in 1946- this fellah zoomed through the skies dealing out atomic justice for 2 WHOLE ISSUES, woo-hoo! In 1950, Metropolitan Publishing Co. resurrected the character, with a new color scheme, as ATOMASTER! Holy reduce, reuse, recycle kids! When I found that out, I colored a second version to match- It isn’t until you see the application of “Superman colors” that you see just how much better Meskin’s original color choices were. Plus let’s be real- Atomic powered people must be festooned in ORANGE, RED AND YELLOW, it’s in the laws of superhero coloring or something, right? By the way, it’s fairly clear that Atoman must have been a bit more than just inspiration for Charlton’s first CAPTAIN ATOM costume.


Now you may be wondering why I made Atoman/master African American instead of his original Ginger-haired caucasian self? I figure one othe cool things about this daily exercize will be to make alterations in these characters if I like- they can be used like templates, if you will. I figure if Bill Black, DYNAMITE ENT., James Richey III and Heroes, INC. webcomicer Scott Austin can mess around with these Public Domain Heroes, why can’t I? I may experiment with costumes (especially fusing together their various costume changes), gender and race if it seems right. Let me know what you think!

AS AN ADDED BONUS– you can download an issue of ATOMAN from the Golden Age Comics website. It is in the .CBR format and I recommend COMICAL for a comic reader it’s the best reader out there by far- Enjoy!