JAVILAND 11-21-09

I was on the latest episode(28)of Javier Hernandez’s JAVILAND PODCAST “What need does your art fulfill in readers?” was tonight’s topic. Although the chat meandered a bit- (Steve Ditko was one of my favorite diversions!) it was really great as usual to be able to share ideas with the guys. Tonight’s panel included:

Javier Hernandez, Creator of EL MUERTO and DEMOLITION DOVE

Tedd Seko of PAPERENGINE and comics like BILLY COLE & The Devil Has a Funny Laugh

Jim Lujan- animator of the underbelly of reality

George Ward of DUNGEON LEGACY webcomic

and new JAVILAND panelist, Simpsons Movie storyboard artist, Simpsons Comic book artist  Luis Escobar!

Listen to the podcast here:

While chatting with the Javilanders, I made this bit of fan art- everyone’s characters are featured and it was lotsa fun to make. You can figure out which character is whose by visiting everyone’s site above! HINT!

Click here for honkin’1200 x 850 full sized!

From SKETCHES 11-09

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