Today in our first installment of OTHER PEOPLE’S SKETCHBLOG; the sketchblog that answers the burning question, “Oh Flameape, what are your favorite artists pals and what are they drawing lately?”; I offer you this nugget of INTENSE, PULSEPOUNDING GENIUS!!!

Madam Satan V2 - ART, ©Jeff Heerman

Madam Satan V2 - ART, ©Jeff Heerman

Looks a bit like Klaus Kinski, dont he?

the gentleman with the thistledown hair ART @ Jeff Heermann

Atom Bum by ~jheermann on deviantART

Jeff Heermann is an old internet comic- illustration buddy; his work never fails to astound. A man who is caught in the raptourous grip of Comic book nostalgia, Roman Noir and reverence to comics & illustration luminaries as Ditko, Krigstein, Aparo,  Jerry Robinson and Commander Mark. A slave to his 4-color fantasies; yet a trailblazer with the fusion of tradition ink and pen and the digital. We salute you JEFF HEERMANN- now gimme my sawbuck, ya chisler!

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