Flameape LIVE on JAVILAND PODCAST, 08/30/2009 09:05 PM EDT

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EPISODE 23, “Working Solo VS Working in a Group”
Time: 08/30/2009 09:05 PM EDT

Blathering with versimilitiude! I will be on a panel for my second JAVILAND PODCAST. That’s the podcast hosted by Javier Hernandez, Artist/writer/creator of EL MUERTO, (made into a feature film in) DEMOLITION DOVE (trailer), and the upcoming MAN-SWAMP! Javier with BILLY COLE creator TED SEKO, created the NOUVELLE BRONZE Publishing label XOMIX COMIX! Back on topic, Javiland Podcast is a place for Javier’s fellow DIY comic creator pals to commiserate, cajole and communicate our ideas about whatever that night’s topic is. Tonight live at 9:05 PM, EST the topic we wunderkinds of comic creation will discuss is- “Working Solo VS Working in a Group”. Quote Javier’s blurb:

Do you work on your own when you make your comics? Are you part of a group, creating or publishing in tandem with others? Working alone, or with a group, offers different opportunities and challenges.

I look forward to shootin’ the bull with my new friends in comics publishing- so please give a listen, or even participate in the live chat!

For your convenience, you can listen with the TALKSHOE WIDGET in the inside bottom right sidebar of this blog!

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    1. @flameape Wow! I love the write-up you posted on your blog for JAVILAND! You’re a real comic compadre!

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