I was checking out DONNA BARR‘s article on her blog on COMICTALK.COM, Nobody Does It But Lulu, where she documents her awful experience with the (hopefully soon defunct) dissapointing blight on the fetal eComic/downloadables industry – WOWIO.COM(recently bought out by scandal-historied, PLATINUM COMICS). Barr writes,

So far, the only dependable, cheap way to order downloads for my books has proven to be at Lulu. The prices are never above 96 cents for any download.

The update on downloadables:

  • Booksurge lost that ability several years ago.
  • Mobipocket is insanely complicated, and the downloads cost the customer as much as the hardbacks (what’s up with THAT?).
  • Clickwheel and Magwheel have lots of enthusiasm, but they’re not up and running yet, not really.
  • Wowio is unreliable and can’t keep up payments.
  • I haven’t tried loading comics on Amazon’s Kindle yet. I’ll have to get at that next. Maybe. I haven’t even looked at their prices yet.

Sigh. The longer I spend working with distribution and getting it fixed for the future, the farther off goes my working on my books. …”

So I decided to check out the KINDLE- and here’s a handy video to describe its uses and so on. YES, I know- It IS hype. However- It may be one method of mass download/distro in a paperless eventual comics world we, as potential DIY comic creators are going to have to face down the road. I am intrigued. I am not “sold” on it. But it is food for thought.

or for higher quality video, CLICK HERE.

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